3 Amazing Advantages of Having a Virtual PBX System for Your Small Business

 Running a small business or a home-based business has its own challenges. In most cases, you have to work on a low budget but you need to a lot of things that a large business does, to compete in the market. One of the things that you would need is Private Branch Exchange or PBX system to ensure a smoother communication among the people in the organization. Now, setting up a traditional PBX system might be costly. Thankfully, technology has solved the issue to a great extent by coming up with virtual PBX systems.

What is a Virtual PBX system?

A virtual PBX or a hosted PBX system allows a small business, home businesses and start-ups to have their own PBX system in place without having the hardware on the site. This reduces the cost of buying the hardware but at the same time it offers a similar level of efficiency.

The Advantages of a Virtual PBX system  

Let us now take a look at some of the many advantages of having a Virtual PBX system

Reduced Costs – One of the biggest advantages of the system is that is significantly cheaper than installing a traditional system. Not only do you save on the costs of buying hardware, the set-up and the installation costs are also quite low.

virtual pbx.jpg

Higher Reliability – A Hosted PBX system allows you to connect the every call without any delay or a drop in the call quality. The leading service providers would state-of-the-art facilities that would give you 99.9% uptime for a much higher and more reliable performance.

Quicker Set Up – It is takes less time to set up a virtual PBX system at your premises. This would help you save time and money.

 Get the Best Services from the Leaders

 Switch2VOIP is one the leading providers for Hosted PBX systems. Apart from that, they also offer Auto Dialer and Hosted IVR Solutions along for VoIP solutions for call centers.  They offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of your business and that too, by being within your budget. So, log on to https://www.switch2voip.us/ and get the best solution that would help your business grow.

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How to Find the Best SIP Trunking rovider

If you are looking to get a provider for your session initiation protocol or SIP trunk usage, then you need to first find the ideal provider for your needs. There has been a huge wave of providers coming up, which means there are more than enough companies to choose from. You should make sure that you know what you are looking for and that you pick the ideal company for your needs.

Reliability and Uptimes

One of the most crucial things that you need to think about when you are searching for a newprovider is their uptimes and their reliability. You should make sure to ask them about their infrastructure for restoring the service if an outage occurs. Remember that having multiple options for restoring the service can help increase the reliability of the company. Also, you should ask them their guarantee for uptimes and you want to ensure that you get at least 99.99% uptime, which is most often offered.

Customer Support

Also, another crucial thing that you need to think about when starting your SIP trunk is the customer service that you will get from the company. It is typical that you will go through some growing pains after you get a new service, so ensure that you have some of the best customer service options. You need one that is available all day and is available through multiple channels and online deliverability. You should also make sure that the staff is knowledgeable and they have redundancy features.


When it comes to choosing the best company to help you with your SIP trunk providers, Switch2Voip is a great option. They have plenty of services that you can choose from with the best uptimes and they are extremely reliable. Also, they have the best customer support that you can ask for, which is available whenever you need to ask questions.

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Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Toll Free Number

You might not think that your business would benefit from having any other numbers than a local, one, but a toll-free one might be a good idea. You don’t have to be a large business to have one since any company, regardless of the size can benefit. It goes much further than credibility and brand recognition but the numbers can also increase your ROI and sales.

Portability and Credibility

The types of numbers aren’t just for corporations, but they can be used for companies that are both large and small. This type of number can help to give your company a bit more credibility and can help to enhance the image as well. The other good thing is that these types of numbers are easily ported, which means that when you relocate, then you don’t have to worry about changing the number. If you have purchased the number, then you own it and you can take it with you across various providers.

Simple to Remember

When you use a toll free number, the best part is that it is simple to remember. The customers won’t have to remember the area code and then the rest of the number, but simply need to remember 7 digits in order to call you up. You can also create the number to spell out a word, which would make it that much easier to remember. It can also help when it comes to generating plenty of extra sales and it is a powerful tool in terms of marketing.

toll free number.png

If you need goautodial, then make sure to check out Switch2Voip for some great service. They have plenty of options when it comes to these types of numbers, so go ahead and reserve the one that you want for your company. You can increase the credibility of your company, while making the number easy to move if you relocate and easy for your clients to remember.

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How to Choose Your Own Business VoIP Solution?

The public switched telephone network has long since been replaced by the all new VoIP network for communication throughout the world. In earlier days people spent a lot of money on making local and international calls. Hence their communication got hindered badly resulting in delayed services and sales. But this is not the case anymore with the all new business VoIP outsourcing system that helps you to make a call spending almost little to nothing on an overseas call. This type of communication outsourcing process plays a very important role in enhancing businesses throughout the world and also enhancing profits.

VoIP rates and services

The operations of VoIP vary depending on the size and type of the business operation. However, there are 2 types of VoIP solutions for businesses namely IP Center service and the call termination services. Hence the choice of services will also vary according to the business type from small, medium to big organisations to improve the quality of the call as well as the VoIP rates. You can be rest assured that your monthly telephone billing costs with be reduced to about 50% less. Hence your profit margin gets increased naturally.

With just a broadband connection, a computer and the Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) and a good VoIP service provider you are ready to make huge profits in your business. With this state of the art VoIP connection you can make as many calls you want and spend a lot of time speaking for no extra cost. In fact you will also pay very less than what you would pay for a local call with the regular PBST phone lines.

The purpose of doing business is mainly to make profits and hence cutting costs on the major bills like telephone and communication is the most effective way of enhancing your profits margin. Choose a reputed business VoIP service provider and take your business to the next level.

business voip.jpg

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How Do You Benefit from SIP Trunk Providers?

SIP is a very unique and popular internet telephone service providing unlimited access between the web and the public telephones combining voice and data in one communication. This is gaining momentum in most business centres and public areas because of it being very cost effective. SIP trunk providers are able to offer their services to people all around the globe for very low communication costs. Would you want to spend tens of dollars on a single overseas call when you can get both data and voice calls for as cheap as $1?

sip trunk providers.jpg

If you are planning on installing an SIP account at your business centre you will have to get in touch with these SIP providers who will do the installation. The installation package consists of four components that are mandatory for the functioning of the SIP trunk service.

The 4 components include the PBX, the enterprise edge device enabled by SIP, an internet telephone and a public telephone network. The EDGE provided by SIP trunking providers is identical to digital wireless phones, softphones, digital phones etc.

If you are looking at making a lucrative business progress to the next level, becoming a SIP trunk provider is a great idea. Today these providers are making a lot of money providing the entire package to thousands of companies and individuals who want to make calls throughout the world for a lesser payment. You can also install this system at your home or in your office, wherever you are planning to use it for calls. It’s very effective and definitely economic as well. Today the most important mode of communication is voice and data and if this is expensive then how can we stay in touch with each other? However, with the launch of the SIP people are staying connected for long hours and hence relationships are growing.

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Choosing Good VoIP Providers – Switch2VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) providers are of two types paid and free providers. You should decide which one suits your requirement. If you are planning to use it only to chat with friends and family over the internet, then the free connection is fine. On the other hand for business purposes you should plan to get a paid package.

VoIP providers offer many types of paid packages that come with a limited number of free calls as well. These are very useful for start-up business entrepreneurs since the budget will be quite tight at the beginning. Almost all providers offer services like conference calls, free call waiting facilities and call display features as well.

voip providers.jpg

Though the basic VoIP rates are the same with all the providers, there is always a rivalry in business with one provider offering something more than its counterpart. However, here comes the risky part when you have to choose which one is suitable for your needs and how to get the most benefit from you provider. For this you should do a lot of browsing and find out what features each provider is offering and check whether any of these are useful for your business.

For instance, if your business involves a lot of overseas calls then taking an international package is advisable. If you have an inbound business where you receive a lot of calls each day, you should select a package that offers a business phone number that your customers can use to call for the rate of a local call.

Besides package and rates reliability and durability also matters. These are two very critical factors that you should consider when you choose a VoIP provider. For this you should look for a provider who is willing to offer you a money back guarantee.  Check the bandwidth that they are offering and also check whether your provider will be available 24/7 to take calls.

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