How to Use a Free SIP Account?

A SIP account allows you to make voice calls and video calls with the help of VoIP technology using the internet.  If you wish to experience free video calls then you need to create a SIP address of your own. A SIP address is a distinctive identification of one user and if a new user signed in the SIP account then each user would have unique addresses.

SIP Account-Switch2VoIP

If you are looking for the best ways to use a SIP account please go through the given information:

Methods to use a SIP account:

Create a SIP address: if you wish to use a SIP address first you have to create a SIP address of your own. A complete SIP address looks exactly like an Email ID. Such as In the given example and could be the user name and the rest would be the domain. So first create a SIP address.

Add your friends and family: after creating your unique address sign up in your SIP account for free and then create unique user names for your friends and family and add them to your contact list. In case your family members are using VoIP connection too then you can enjoy SIP-to-SIP free calls.

Enjoy free calls to external contacts: the facilities of a SIP address is not limited to only internal saved contacts. You can also get in touch with the business world and institutions very easily with the help of your SIP account. There are many business companies and institutions that are using VoIP connections at very low VoIP rates and you can easily find their SIP address in your SIP account with the help of any IT staff.

Get connected with your colleagues: the moment you are signing into your SIP account a local network is created. You can get connected to them through video conference and trace their availability easily.


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