Interesting Voice Over IP (VoIP) Facts

Voice over Internet protocols technology is nothing new and has been here for the last two decades, enabling the customers to communicate from one to another. However, only a handful of a people understands the importance of VoIP and or what it is all about related to VoIP Providers.


Here are some of the interesting VoIP facts that one must know of:

VoIP is not new

What most people tend to think is that VoIP is a brand new technology, but the first ever VoIP calls were made back in 1974 by ARPANET. However, the VoIP technology that we are all acquainted or knows of or use today was founded by Israel’s Vocaltec back in 1955, initially as a home project and thereafter introduced as a product termed Internet Phone. It was from here that the first PC to Phone Calls was released in 1998 but the basic notion and idea backing the VoIP are age-old.

VoIP was birthed by economic pressure

The soar in hardware prices and the dramatic change in the climate of the economy were some of the main reasons which altered the attitude of people favor voice calls over the internet and made it look more of a sensible method to cut costs for businesses and consumers. The erstwhile businesses were on a desperate lookout to reduce costs and even in the present scenario at Africa, voice over internet calls are the best method to provide amazing bandwidth at a cost friendly price.

VoIP didn’t always come free of cost

The erstwhile VoIP users mandatorily had to lend their ears to commercials prior to their call to of payment for service. The users hailing from America were totally bowled over by the VoIP’s cost saving facility owing to the long distance charges. It was only when the providers using the PC and larger quantities of users that calls started becoming free.

VoIP has emerged as one of the most favored technologies that power many a communication apps that are in use today. To know more about VoIP or to get in touch with one of the best VoIP providers. Switch2VoIP is also one of the most favored SIP trunk providers.

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