VoIP For Small Business : Switch2VoIP

A large number of small businesses are changing over from conventional landlines to VoIP. This is happening because Voice over Internet Protocol matures and high speed internet becomes cheap.

How does VoIP Actually Work?

 If you are looking for a hosted service, things are very simple. Most of the top business VoIP providers handle heavy lifting offsite. They will deliver calls to your phones and software clients without any hassles. This is applicable when you use phones that are plug_and_play certified. For business VoIP, it is not necessary to have additional on site hardwares apart from these phones. May be all you need is to find a space for a small box of hardware at a place near on-site.


Why VoIP

It all depends on the size of your company and the infrastructure you already have. Jumping on the VoIP bandwagon may cost to your company big time or it could help in entailing up-front costs.

What makes it attractive?

For business VoIP, low cost is the biggest attraction. Business VoIP services are less expensive than traditional phone services.

Several of the hosted services require no new hardware investment at all. If you do need hardware, it is based on standardised technologies such as SIP, as opposed to proprietary products.

Other Options

There are many VoIP providers and software packages especially for small businesses. They have more traditional features also. Besides the regular services VoIP also supply virtual receptionists and greeting functionality and also the ability to forward voice mail to your email and mobile phones.

About Asterisk VoIP

Asterisk VoIP has the same or better reliability when compared with local VoIP telephone companies offering business VoIP for asterisk.

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