Common Myths about SIP Trunking – Debunked

We always listen to people talking about the benefits of SIP trunking everyday. But, just like anything else, there are several myths attached with this. The major problem is that people often confuse consumer grade VoIP with business class SIP trunk. These are the common myths about SIP trunking.

sip trunk providers

Internet Calls Sound Bad

The first myth is connected with people’s experience with Skype. The truth is that with the right hardware, internet connection, the calls made using SIP are easily understandable from old-fashioned land lines calls. You should choose a provider that gives tier- 1 carrier networks to deliver calls. You should enable router setting called QoS to prioritise voice traffic over data traffic.

SIP Trunk services Are prone to interruption

This is another myth. SIP trunking is actually more reliable for business than traditional phone line.  Due to some weather or power problems, SIP calls can be routed around the problem and delivery seamless calls. Backup networks are automatically made and hence a local disaster will not have an impact on the business,

SIP Trunking is technically complex

As per information, this is wrong. It is true that SIP account is technically sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you should be an expert. The solutions include an easy to use control panel where people can add or remove services.

About Asterisk VoIP

  •  Asterisk VoIP has the same or better reliability when compared with local VoIP telephone companies offering business VoIP for asterisk.
  • Asterisk is the world leader in open source IP phone platforms. The Asterisk is software which turns a regular computer into and enterprise class IP-PBX.
  • Asterix VoIP is an IP-PBX system that is used by all sizes of business to improve phone cost. Asterisk is an IP-PBX system used by all size business to improve their communication and reduce phone costs including Google, IBM and even the United Stated army.
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