Interesting Voice Over IP (VoIP) Facts

Voice over Internet protocols technology is nothing new and has been here for the last two decades, enabling the customers to communicate from one to another. However, only a handful of a people understands the importance of VoIP and or what it is all about related to VoIP Providers.


Here are some of the interesting VoIP facts that one must know of:

VoIP is not new

What most people tend to think is that VoIP is a brand new technology, but the first ever VoIP calls were made back in 1974 by ARPANET. However, the VoIP technology that we are all acquainted or knows of or use today was founded by Israel’s Vocaltec back in 1955, initially as a home project and thereafter introduced as a product termed Internet Phone. It was from here that the first PC to Phone Calls was released in 1998 but the basic notion and idea backing the VoIP are age-old.

VoIP was birthed by economic pressure

The soar in hardware prices and the dramatic change in the climate of the economy were some of the main reasons which altered the attitude of people favor voice calls over the internet and made it look more of a sensible method to cut costs for businesses and consumers. The erstwhile businesses were on a desperate lookout to reduce costs and even in the present scenario at Africa, voice over internet calls are the best method to provide amazing bandwidth at a cost friendly price.

VoIP didn’t always come free of cost

The erstwhile VoIP users mandatorily had to lend their ears to commercials prior to their call to of payment for service. The users hailing from America were totally bowled over by the VoIP’s cost saving facility owing to the long distance charges. It was only when the providers using the PC and larger quantities of users that calls started becoming free.

VoIP has emerged as one of the most favored technologies that power many a communication apps that are in use today. To know more about VoIP or to get in touch with one of the best VoIP providers. Switch2VoIP is also one of the most favored SIP trunk providers.

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VoIP For Small Business : Switch2VoIP

A large number of small businesses are changing over from conventional landlines to VoIP. This is happening because Voice over Internet Protocol matures and high speed internet becomes cheap.

How does VoIP Actually Work?

 If you are looking for a hosted service, things are very simple. Most of the top business VoIP providers handle heavy lifting offsite. They will deliver calls to your phones and software clients without any hassles. This is applicable when you use phones that are plug_and_play certified. For business VoIP, it is not necessary to have additional on site hardwares apart from these phones. May be all you need is to find a space for a small box of hardware at a place near on-site.


Why VoIP

It all depends on the size of your company and the infrastructure you already have. Jumping on the VoIP bandwagon may cost to your company big time or it could help in entailing up-front costs.

What makes it attractive?

For business VoIP, low cost is the biggest attraction. Business VoIP services are less expensive than traditional phone services.

Several of the hosted services require no new hardware investment at all. If you do need hardware, it is based on standardised technologies such as SIP, as opposed to proprietary products.

Other Options

There are many VoIP providers and software packages especially for small businesses. They have more traditional features also. Besides the regular services VoIP also supply virtual receptionists and greeting functionality and also the ability to forward voice mail to your email and mobile phones.

About Asterisk VoIP

Asterisk VoIP has the same or better reliability when compared with local VoIP telephone companies offering business VoIP for asterisk.

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Common Myths about SIP Trunking – Debunked

We always listen to people talking about the benefits of SIP trunking everyday. But, just like anything else, there are several myths attached with this. The major problem is that people often confuse consumer grade VoIP with business class SIP trunk. These are the common myths about SIP trunking.

sip trunk providers

Internet Calls Sound Bad

The first myth is connected with people’s experience with Skype. The truth is that with the right hardware, internet connection, the calls made using SIP are easily understandable from old-fashioned land lines calls. You should choose a provider that gives tier- 1 carrier networks to deliver calls. You should enable router setting called QoS to prioritise voice traffic over data traffic.

SIP Trunk services Are prone to interruption

This is another myth. SIP trunking is actually more reliable for business than traditional phone line.  Due to some weather or power problems, SIP calls can be routed around the problem and delivery seamless calls. Backup networks are automatically made and hence a local disaster will not have an impact on the business,

SIP Trunking is technically complex

As per information, this is wrong. It is true that SIP account is technically sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean you should be an expert. The solutions include an easy to use control panel where people can add or remove services.

About Asterisk VoIP

  •  Asterisk VoIP has the same or better reliability when compared with local VoIP telephone companies offering business VoIP for asterisk.
  • Asterisk is the world leader in open source IP phone platforms. The Asterisk is software which turns a regular computer into and enterprise class IP-PBX.
  • Asterix VoIP is an IP-PBX system that is used by all sizes of business to improve phone cost. Asterisk is an IP-PBX system used by all size business to improve their communication and reduce phone costs including Google, IBM and even the United Stated army.
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How to Deal with the Security of Business VoIP Networks

Switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) from traditional calling networks can save your business a lot of money, especially if you need to make a lot of calls every day. VoIP offers several advantages like lower costs, increased flexibility, and tons of useful features. However, a VoIP system is not entirely free from challenges. One of the biggest challenges that you would need to deal is the security of the system.

Security Concerns with Business VoIP

A VoIP is basically a computer network that is adapted to deal with voice calls. Therefore, like any other computer network, it can be hacked. There are a lot of factors that increase the vulnerability of the business VoIP system. One such factor is the connectivity of the VoIP system. Here, ‘connectivity’ refers to the way the network is connected. If the calls are routed to you via the public internet, then the risks are significantly higher. If the service provider is offering you a directly managed IP line straight to your premises and all the calls are routed to you using that line, then the risks are much lower.

business voip.png

Security Tips that You Should Follow

There are a few security measures you should take to make your VoIP network less vulnerable to attacks. Some of the measures that you can take include

  1. Use the Latest in Security Features

A number of coding technologies are used to encrypt the data communicated through a VoIP system.  You should check with your service provider about the kind of security features that they offer.

  1. IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is the process which would allow your network to accept calls from only the trusted IP addresses. However, you would need to have a static IP address for all your destinations. If your business is located in the US and you cater to mainly US customers, then you can block large chunks of IP addresses from outside of the US.

Get the Secure VoIP services from the Leaders

You must make it a point to get the services of the leaders as that would give you the assurance of higher security. One of the best service providers is Switch2VoIP. They offer a wide range of solutions for Asterisk VoIP, Vicidial, Go Autodial and more. They have advanced security features in place. So, get the help of the leaders and get a secure VoIP network for your business.

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3 Amazing Advantages of Having a Virtual PBX System for Your Small Business

 Running a small business or a home-based business has its own challenges. In most cases, you have to work on a low budget but you need to a lot of things that a large business does, to compete in the market. One of the things that you would need is Private Branch Exchange or PBX system to ensure a smoother communication among the people in the organization. Now, setting up a traditional PBX system might be costly. Thankfully, technology has solved the issue to a great extent by coming up with virtual PBX systems.

What is a Virtual PBX system?

A virtual PBX or a hosted PBX system allows a small business, home businesses and start-ups to have their own PBX system in place without having the hardware on the site. This reduces the cost of buying the hardware but at the same time it offers a similar level of efficiency.

The Advantages of a Virtual PBX system  

Let us now take a look at some of the many advantages of having a Virtual PBX system

Reduced Costs – One of the biggest advantages of the system is that is significantly cheaper than installing a traditional system. Not only do you save on the costs of buying hardware, the set-up and the installation costs are also quite low.

virtual pbx.jpg

Higher Reliability – A Hosted PBX system allows you to connect the every call without any delay or a drop in the call quality. The leading service providers would state-of-the-art facilities that would give you 99.9% uptime for a much higher and more reliable performance.

Quicker Set Up – It is takes less time to set up a virtual PBX system at your premises. This would help you save time and money.

 Get the Best Services from the Leaders

 Switch2VOIP is one the leading providers for Hosted PBX systems. Apart from that, they also offer Auto Dialer and Hosted IVR Solutions along for VoIP solutions for call centers.  They offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of your business and that too, by being within your budget. So, log on to and get the best solution that would help your business grow.

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How to Find the Best SIP Trunking rovider

If you are looking to get a provider for your session initiation protocol or SIP trunk usage, then you need to first find the ideal provider for your needs. There has been a huge wave of providers coming up, which means there are more than enough companies to choose from. You should make sure that you know what you are looking for and that you pick the ideal company for your needs.

Reliability and Uptimes

One of the most crucial things that you need to think about when you are searching for a newprovider is their uptimes and their reliability. You should make sure to ask them about their infrastructure for restoring the service if an outage occurs. Remember that having multiple options for restoring the service can help increase the reliability of the company. Also, you should ask them their guarantee for uptimes and you want to ensure that you get at least 99.99% uptime, which is most often offered.

Customer Support

Also, another crucial thing that you need to think about when starting your SIP trunk is the customer service that you will get from the company. It is typical that you will go through some growing pains after you get a new service, so ensure that you have some of the best customer service options. You need one that is available all day and is available through multiple channels and online deliverability. You should also make sure that the staff is knowledgeable and they have redundancy features.


When it comes to choosing the best company to help you with your SIP trunk providers, Switch2Voip is a great option. They have plenty of services that you can choose from with the best uptimes and they are extremely reliable. Also, they have the best customer support that you can ask for, which is available whenever you need to ask questions.

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